The Project will be on display at the Acropoli metro station, in Athens

One of the drawings from the project Z-A will be on display at the metro station of Acropoli, in Athens from 1-7 of August 2019.

The solo exhibition took an extension and it will remain at the station until the 19 of August 2019.

Visit the installation and do not forget to tag # marblesback

Z-A Sofia Hellena left Greece to study architecture in London for three years, where she obtained her first degree, Bachelor of Science in Architecture, RIBA part 1. She continued studying architecture for a second time, due to a scholarship she won in New York. After five years of studies at the school of Cooper Union, she got her second degree, Bachelor of Architecture. In the New York school, she took classes on ancient Greek and Roman history, paper-making, silkscreen printing and lost-wax casting. After all these, she still liked painting the most. In June 2018, she published her first book under the title Z-Athens, a book of searching and analysing the Acropolis, which was based on her thesis ‘ An architectural psychoanalysis of the Acropolis, in the form of a painting’. The book is a modern and simple approach to the history, the myths, and the architecture of the Acropolis accompanied by their drawings. These new plans of the Acropolis and the Parthenon cease to be strictly architectural and through the use of color, they try to represent the values ​​of the monument. It is a direct and quick way to remember and learn everything about this monument. The project Ω-Α or Z-A attempts to link the role of each society to the soul of humans and to investigate how the psychological disorders are born. email: follow us on Instagram @sofia_hellena

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