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Book First edition 06/18
ISBN 978-618-00-0197-6
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Pages 208
Language English
The present work, begun in 2016 as a Thesis of Architecture, at the school of Cooper Union in
New York. The media through which the study was captured, differed from the style of such
researches. Despite the attraction that the ancient thought still creates, a modern visual analysis
was missing, capable of bringing a cosmic approach. In this new analysis of the Acropolis, the
drawings of the temples had to be readable by non specialists. They had to transmit part of the
experience of being around the Parthenon and at the same time to capture all the data of the
structures. The need to provoke feelings both by visual means and in written form, led the whole
to look like scattered pieces of a journey.
The work consists of 3 parts.
The Before. The history and the mythological reality until the construction of the Parthenon. The
myths, the heroes and the art creations of that society consisted their theological searches, that
upon many years got them so close to the truth, as their acceptance TO THE UNKNOWN GOD.

The Journey. A different approach of analysing architectural space. The drawings of the
Acropolis are recreated. The analysis takes the form of drawings that attempt to take the
receiver into the matrix of the site.
The Meta-architectonics. On the idea of the ancient spirit, the third chapter is formed. An
epilogue that occurs in the mind of every human being, when something is over. And now what?
What is the purpose of all these works and of their re-search?
The research reflects the many ways, somebody can attain knowledge. All these though a
promenade, that can start and end at any point of the book, at any drawing.

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A book of searching and analysing the Acropolis